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By Jon, Feb 6 2016 01:49PM

This is the new production version of SAS supporting P3D v3. It can be downloaded as a full manual installer from here: to replace your existing version.

It is also available by on line update.


Some folks may get messages about the updater failing and Windows searching for a solution. If you cancel these messages then the update will install. I don't know what is causing this and I may have to change the updater system eventually

By Jon, Feb 28 2015 07:17AM

After much hard work Helli has completed the new ADE English Manual including all the 1.65 features, This manual is a substantial re-write over the last version and contains new and enhanced information. At more than 300 pages it contains much information of general interest to airport design alongside how to use ADE.

I would like to thank Helli for all his hard work and patience in producing this. His attention to detail sometimes had us on the hop but also improved some aspects of the program itself. I would also like to thank George, Jim and Martin for their continuing support and help in proof reading the manual.

The new manual can be downloaded from the downloads page

By Jon, Oct 16 2014 08:25AM

Well sort of. The old blog posts are still on the old server and I am not sure how I would move them. In any case it seems like a good time to start from scratch and so I have set up a new blog on Post Haven.

Post Haven seems to be a great blogging platform and the guys who set it up deserve support. Here is the New Blog

By Jon, Oct 15 2014 12:36PM

We have temporarily removed the link to the blog. We have technical problems with the software that supports it and plan to move to a new solution. This might take a few days to set up and then we will link the blog button to the new service.

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