ScruffyDuck Software


Airport Facilities Design


   + CAD style design of airports including all the facilities such as runways, aprons, taxiways, fencing and so on.

   + Navigation Aids.

   + Flexible background images that make it possible to  use different types of image to guide the design of your airport

   + Real time connection to FS9 and FSX (via the relevant version of FSUIPC)

   + Custom ground polygons and lines using supplied textures or your own textures

   + Supports FS9, FSX and all versions of P3D


Terrain (FSX/P3D) and Flattens for FS9


   + Flattens, exclusions, land and water class

   + Sloping polygons

   + Roads, streams, utilities and railroads


Scenery Object and Buildings


   + Display default buildings in ADE making it easy to move, delete or replace them

   + Library Object Manager for users to manage library objects, and place in your airport

   + Easy way to save and copy generic buildings from one airport to another


Visual Approach Designer


   + Mimics GPS display in FS

   + Modify existing approach code

   + Add new approaches

ADE Features