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By Jon, Oct 7 2014 01:55PM

We have today released ADE version 1.65 as the current production version. This replaces version 1.61. The new version can be downloaded from the Download page on this site

By Jon, Sep 19 2014 11:12AM

Version 1.65 is now available as a final pre-production version. Please check the main ADE download page for a link to get this version.

This version includes many bug fixes and enhancements including extended project specific properties, true multi edit for all displayable objects and a whole new Lister system with user specified layout settings. In addition there is a feature to allow you to import settings and database files from and existing version.

By Jon, Aug 10 2014 07:32AM

This error has started to be reported in the last 24 hours. It is caused by Avast, and anti-virus program. A recent update to this program or its database appears to be marking this file as a virus. This is not the case and the file has been used widely for months. No other anti-virus software is reporting any issues with it. If you experience this problem then you and tell the Avast program that the file is a false positive and is safe.

If you have any concerns about this advice then please do get in touch either by email or via our contact page on this web site.

By Jon, May 5 2014 03:19PM

We just released this version on the on-line updater. It is a bug fix release that deals with a couple of important bugs:

.. Issue whereby taxi link straightening did not display correctly in 1.61

.. Bug that caused ADE to give wrong altitude to airport background polys after changing the

airport altitude

.. ADE should now read the properties of P3D V2 models correctly

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